Savannah, GA

Synovus has the brain of a big bank and the heart of a community bank

"I can go to anyone at Synovus, from the president to the tellers, and receive excellent service from everyone. If one person isn’t there, there’s always someone else to help me. It’s the same way we run our business: rendering unmatched customer service."

"At Synovus, they do all they can to help me out—that’s partnership,” Roy says. For example? “Over lunch one day I mentioned to Ken that we have to advance funds on behalf of our clients to ocean carriers in other states, and courier the check,” he replies. “Ken told me about  Automated Clearing House (ACH) services and sent someone to get us properly set up and explain the how-to’s of it all. It’s helped reduce our costs.”

Roy has become an active fan of electronic convenience, including our remote deposit, online banking and account reconciliation services. First thing every day, he checks Page International’s cash management and credit line positions. (Synovus also provided financing to build the company’s headquarters building in Savannah.)

That’s not the only way he keeps a close eye on performance. Dedicated to providing a higher level of service and expertise than any other international logistics provider, Roy demands the same from everyone Page International works with. “We rate all of our vendors and partners annually,” he says. “Year after year, we rate Synovus at 100—one of only a few with that high of a score.”

How would you rate the job your bank is doing? If you’d like to explore working with Synovus, please give us a call at 1-888-SYNOVUS (1-888-796-6887), or stop by a Synovus location near you and talk with one of our friendly bankers.

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