What to expect

My Synovus will be available online and as an app1 for iPhones® and Android™ phones on February 23, 2019. Here are a few things to keep in mind for a smooth upgrade. For more information, visit our FAQ.

  • Make sure your contact information, especially your phone numbers, is up to date. Contact us to update your info.
  • You’ll continue using the same username and password on My Synovus, but you’ll need to log in again as Remember Me settings won’t carry over. (What does this mean?) Please be sure to know your username and password before My Synovus launches or you may run into issues logging in for the first time.
  • You’ll also set up a new security question and verify your identity using a two-step authentication process on your first login. To complete this process, you’ll choose from the numbers you have on file with us and request a passcode by text or voice call. A mobile phone number is not required but may be more convenient if you access My Synovus from multiple devices and can’t easily answer your landline.
  • Review your bill pay reminders for any you want to keep. These won’t carry over to My Synovus. How-to instructions on reviewing your reminders are in the FAQ.
  • Quicken® users: take a few moments to back up your Quicken® program, and download and export your history before February 23. Step-by-step instructions on connecting Quicken® and other Intuit® tools are in our FAQ.
  • FYI: Text banking and the iPad app are going away to make room for great new features.
  • Download our new app on February 23! If you already have our mobile banking app, enable auto updates to upgrade to My Synovus; we also recommend that your phone is updated to the most recent operating system and that you use Chrome or Safari for the best web experience.2

Get ready for Payments & Transfers

All of the ways you send and receive money—Bill Pay, Internal Transfer, External Transfers, and Pay People—will be located within the Payments & Transfers section. Here are key changes to your experience you need to know:

  • Bill payments and internal transfers begin with selecting where you want to send money TO and then FROM. This is a change in how you transfer money or pay recipients today. Information is provided at each step of the process and make sure you understand where and when you’re sending your money. Watch a quick video (mobile app or web) to see how this works.
  • We’ve added shortcuts to make it easy to send a single payment or transfer, but you still have the option to pay multiple billers in one view using Pay Multiple. Here’s a video (mobile app or web) to show you where and how to Pay Multiple.
  • You’ll follow the same steps to pay a bill or make an internal transfer. Accounts you can transfer to will be listed above bill pay recipients (payees) on the Send Payment To screen. Your accounts and recipients are listed alphabetically by account or recipient nickname. Groupings will not carry over to My Synovus but can be recreated to help you customize how you want your recipients to be listed.
  • You can now add Bill Pay recipients from the mobile app. Previously, this option was only available through the website. The Add a Recipient option is found at the bottom of the Send Payment To screen or you can go into the Recipients section under Payments & Transfers to add new recipients.
  • Review your bill pay reminders for any you want to keep. These won’t carry over to My Synovus. How-to instructions on reviewing your reminders are in the FAQ.

Changes ahead

We’ve been hard at work building a new banking experience that’s simpler, faster, and get-it-done-er. Here are the first improvements you’ll see, with additional features on the way.

Search transactions
by amount, keyword,
date range, and more

Set up Touch ID and
Face ID for an
extra-secure login

Exchange secure
messages with
customer care

Stay in-the-know with
account alerts

Looking for more information?

Head to our FAQ and read all the details.

Important Disclosure Information

Your use of My Synovus online banking, mobile banking, and other account access services is governed by the My Synovus Agreement and Digital Banking Schedule of Fees and Charges.

  1. Use of the My Synovus mobile app requires your mobile service provider's data and /or text plan. Message and data rates may apply. Back
  2. Minimum system requirements: For mobile apps, iOS® 11 and above or Android™ version 5 and above. My Synovus supports the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and any previous versions that are still supported by Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Apple respectively. Back