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Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive plan or a solution to a single investment challenge, we’ll help you find the answer that’s designed to best meet the needs of your business by going beyond the simple framework of assets, liabilities and risk tolerance. We’ll work together with your legal and finance teams to ensure we have an intimate picture of your current business situation before putting an investment plan in motion. Then, for each portion of your portfolio, we’ll work with you to handpick managers with proven track records, outstanding performance and sound strategies created to help you protect and enhance the lifetime goals of your business.

Important Disclosure Information

  1. Investment products and services provided by Synovus are offered through Synovus Securities, Inc ("SSI"), Synovus Trust Company, N.A. ("STC") and Creative Financial Group, a division of SSI. Trust services for Synovus are provided by Synovus Trust Company, N.A. Synovus Securities, Inc. is a registered broker/dealer, member FINRA/SIPC and an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Investment products and services are not FDIC insured, are not deposits of or other obligations of Synovus Bank, are not guaranteed by Synovus Bank and involve investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Synovus Securities, Inc. is a subsidiary of Synovus Financial Corp and an affiliate of Synovus Bank and Synovus Trust. Synovus Trust Company, N.A. is a subsidiary of Synovus Bank. You can obtain more information about Synovus Securities, Inc. and its Registered Representatives by accessing BrokerCheck. Back

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