Foundations and Endowments

Developing a planned giving program…balancing the growth of assets and efficiency of operating expenses…choosing the right investment managers and vehicles…meeting the demand for transparency. These are some of the financial tasks that organizations face while fulfilling their charitable mission; we offer the experienced guidance and efficient service to help you navigate them all.

But it’s about much more than policy and process to us. With our commitment to maintaining a local presence, we get to see the fruits of your efforts in our communities, and we take pride in playing a supporting role.

Rely on our extensive knowledge and service to:

  • Create a comprehensive investment program designed to both generate operating income and promote asset growth
  • Provide due diligence on investment managers and a wide range of investment vehicles
  • Oversee tax and trust obligations
  • Deliver comprehensive and customized reporting, including sub-accounting and performance measurement as well as tax reporting to beneficiaries
  • Ease your administrative burden by handling payment processing, gift clearing, custody of assets and automated cash management
  • Develop a planned giving program, covering everything from policies and procedures to gift receipt, valuation and processing

Interested in foundations and endowments?

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