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Disbursement Services

ACH Origination for Direct Deposit1

Make payments anywhere with ACH Origination for Direct Deposit. Using paper checks can be a costly hassle, especially if they’re lost or stolen, or you’re waiting for funds to clear. With ACH Origination, you can transfer payroll and any other disbursements into a checking or savings account at any financial institution. Recipients receive their payment whether they’re in the office or on vacation, out sick or away on business—and you can save the cost of using physical checks.

AP Solutions®

Make the most of e-payables with AP Solutions®, a web-based service that integrates with your accounting system. It allows you to make prompt, secure payments directly to vendors’ bank accounts and provides them with detailed remittance information. You get more control of your cash flow, and your vendors get detailed invoice information, payment notifications by email and customized reporting features to simplify analysis.

With Deposit Pay®, a special Visa® account is set up so your vendors can accept electronic payments from your business. All you have to do is approve an invoice and our software takes over, generating an e-payment that automatically sends the funds to the vendor’s account. No further transaction processing is needed.

When you’re ready to make the switch to AP Solutions®, our specialists will contact each of your vendors—on your behalf—to set up the new payments program. Enrollment Specialists are available to help you encourage participation, assist vendors with the transition and even periodically update your vendor list with new participants.

Controlled Disbursement Account

Knowledge is power, so maximize your company’s available cash flow with a Controlled Disbursement Account. You’ll receive timely and accurate notices of checks clearing against your account each day. With such precise information, you can keep funds invested or refrain from borrowing until the last possible moment, enhancing your earning potential and managing your cash position to a T while reducing the risk of overdrafts.

Domestic & International Online Wire Transfers

Enjoy increased security, reporting and control by making online wire transfers from the convenience of your office—or anywhere. Sending recurring wires is a snap with secure stored information. In addition, plan up to 10 days in advance for domestic payments with future date wires.

InovaTM Payroll Services

When you’re running a company, administrative payroll, tax filing and compliance can be tedious. Instead, outsource your payroll and human resources services with Inova PayrollTM, and focus on what’s important: your business. Before you request a quote, review the available services:

  • Payroll calculations and processing
  • Tax filing and administration
  • Direct deposit
  • General ledger interface
  • Paid time-off tracking
  • Worker’s compensation “pay-as-you-go”
  • Self-service employee website
  • HR on-demand
  • Time and attendance management


To get started, call Inova Payroll at 877-653-1288. You can also visit Inova Payroll online, or ask your local business banker to help you get connected.

Important Disclosure Information

All payroll services are provided by Inova Payroll, Inc. By choosing to enroll in payroll services, you will be required to agree with and accept all of Inova Payroll, Inc.’s terms and conditions for use and provision of the payroll services which will govern the payroll services. Synovus Bank and Inova Payroll, Inc. are independent, unrelated and unaffiliated companies, and Synovus Bank is not responsible for nor guarantees the services of Inova Payroll, Inc. Synovus Bank is not responsible for the content, guarantees, products, services, privacy or security practices that are offered or expressed by Inova Payroll, Inc.

Synovus Bank shall not have any liability of any kind arising out of the selection or use or non-use of the Inova Payroll, Inc.’s payroll services or any other alternative products or services. In no event shall you be entitled to recovery of any damages of any kind against Synovus Bank arising out of your selection or use or non-use of Inova Payroll, Inc.’s payroll services or any other alternative products or services. Once enrolled in payroll services, all problems, questions or concerns regarding such payroll services should be directed to Inova Payroll, Inc.

The service marks and trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners.

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