Executive Benefits

Most corporations provide a level of benefits to all employees.  However; senior executives often seek additional benefit plans to accumulate wealth, prepare for retirement and ensure adequate death benefit protection.   Offering additional plans may help recruit, incentivize, or retain these key positions who are critical to the long term success to the corporation.

Non-qualified executive benefit plans generally have minimal cost to the employer and can help key executives supplement their qualified plan offerings.  These plans are generally not subject to the same tax and labor law requirements (e.g., ERISA) as qualified plans and can be offered to select employees.  Examples of the customizable plans include; Salary Deferral Plans, Supplement Executive Retirement Plans, Split Dollar Plans, or Executive Bonus Plans.  

Our seasoned team of Private Wealth Advisors and Financial Advisors can help you identify executive benefit plans that may be beneficial to your corporation’s financial plan and future.

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