Receivables Services

ACH Origination for Direct Payment2
Receive recurring payments quickly and securely through ACH Origination. Schedule recurring or one-time electronic payments directly from your customers’, members’ or tenants’ accounts to expedite the deposit to your business account. You’ll speed up collections while reducing returned items, posting errors and processing costs.
Check Recovery Services3

When checks are returned, continued collection efforts can be time-consuming and sometimes unsuccessful for your business. Our Check Recovery service3—a free feature of your business checking account—can relieve the burden and help you increase your overall collection rate.


With Check Recovery, returned checks are sent to checXchangeTM,3 (a product from our vendor Money Transfer Systems, Inc.), where eligible checks4 are converted for electronic re-presentment. All checks collected successfully through checXchangeTM are reimbursed to your company for 100% of the face value, with collected funds deposited to your account on a weekly basis. You'll have 24/7 access to item images and tracking information, with re-presentment timed to improve the odds of success.

Remote Express Deposit2
While many customers favor electronic forms of payment, paper checks are still a reality for most businesses. With Remote Express Deposit, you can simply scan and deposit checks electronically from the convenience of your office, allowing you to reduce expenses, improve cash flow and eliminate trips to the bank.
Remote Vault Deposit3
If your business deals with large volumes of cash, Remote Vault Deposit offers a safe and secure means of transporting funds to your local Synovus bank. To start, we’ll connect you with a third-party vendor who will install a physical vault at your business. The vault will automatically count any cash and coin deposits, and you’ll be given a provisional credit. An armored guard will then pick up your deposits and deliver them to our bank for final reconciliation.
Lockbox Services

Our Lockbox Services can help you speed up collections, increase the availability of funds, reduce internal costs and automate the posting of receivables. Your customers simply send their payments to a dedicated P.O. box, and we take over from there. 

If you have a high volume of customers sending in payments, Retail Lockbox can capture the remittance data from a scannable coupon electronically, generate an electronic payment file and transmit the information for automatic postings. If you’re collecting fewer or more sporadic payments, our Wholesale Lockbox service could be just what you need to process and deposit the payments in your account quickly. In addition, you can take advantage of our Lockbox Image Archive, an online service with robust capabilities to view, search, print, and download check images and remittance information.

Merchant Services3
It’s more than just “Credit or debit?” today. Your customers have more payment options available than ever before. Whether you have one store or a growing franchise, our Merchant Services team can help you find the right point-of-sale system for your business, so you can always make the sale. You’ll receive face-to-face training and equipment setup, clear and concise statements and customized pricing, all arranged by a local sales representative who knows your community inside and out.

Important Disclosure Information

  1. Fees apply to all receivable services. Back
  2. Subject to credit approval. Back
  3. This service is provided by a third party service provider (“Vendor”). Synovus Bank and the Vendor are independent, unrelated, and unqualified companies. By establishing this service, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of the Vendor.  Back
  4. Checks drawn on a personal account and not exceeding $2,500, that are returned for non sufficient or uncollected funds, qualify for electronic collection. Back
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