Loans & Lines of Credit1

There’s no such thing as a typical business or project. Your company’s needs and challenges are unique, so there are no one-size-fits-all solutions here. We’ll work with your team to evaluate all your assets and then create a customized lending solution that meets your company’s specific needs and goals. And when your company’s growth leads to even greater opportunity, we’ll help you transition to larger and more complex solutions, including syndicated lending in partnership with other financial organizations.

  • Choose from an open-ended line of credit with ongoing draws for general funding, or a closed-end line of credit with the funds advanced for a specific purpose.
  • Secure your line of credit with a full range of assets from accounts receivable, to fixed assets like equipment and real estate.
  • Enjoy the benefits of automation by linking your commercial checking to a line of credit for faster funding.
  • Receive automatic line increases for seasonal needs and increased expenditures with a bank directed and monitored line of credit. 

Enjoy longer line of credit terms up to three years removing the need for annual renewal.  

Important Disclosure Information

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