Information Reporting

Synovus One View

With consolidated reporting for multiple accounts linked to a master account, Synovus One View gives you greater control of your cash position. You'll feel confident that you have adequate funds to process any transactions while maximizing the use of excess cash.

Download a secure daily balance reporting file with full transaction details from Business Internet Banking-in BAI format or a format that accommodates special files formatting. You can even customize real-time reporting by company, division or location.

Image Access Services

Keep check information at your fingertips with Image Access Services-an efficient, secure and inexpensive solution for image retrieval and archival needs. Images of bank statements, checks, deposit slips and more are available for each statement period through a secure online portal for up to seven years. We offer extensive capabilities to search by item detail, zoom or rotate for better legibility, copy and paste images, and print and export. If your business has multiple locations, we can give you a consolidated view with location breakdown as well as send individual files to each site.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Ensure your incoming commercial ACH credits are precisely recorded with the inbound Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). You’ll receive a daily report including all associated payment details, such as invoice numbers, notes or other reference data, to assist with your reconciliation.

BAI Balance Reporting

Get up-to-the-minute reporting on your current and available account balances. Receive a BAI file directly or download the file from Synovus Gateway.

822 Electronic Statement

When you have a Commercial Analysis checking account, you can simplify accounting with data transfer in an 822 Express formatted file and statement delivery via secure file transfer.


  • Receive a monthly account analysis, including a detailed calculation of the investable balance needed to offset fees and the actual earnings credit
  • See details on the average ledger, float, amounts collected and reserves for individual accounts as well as a composite account
  • Import reports into your analysis system to facilitate annual budget forecasting

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