Personal Credit Cards

All Synovus personal credit card accounts1 feature:

  • 0% introductory APR on purchases, balance transfers and overdraft protection transfers for the first 6 months; then, a variable APR of 7.74%–21.74%2
  • Quick and easy payments everywhere Visa® credit cards are accepted worldwide
  • An embedded chip that provides another layer of security
  • Easy tracking of expenses for each card number in the account
  • No fee for balance transfers when requested at account opening or by calling 1-888-SYNOVUS (1-888-796-6887)
  • Visa’s Zero Liability® protection policy3
  • Ability to set separate spending limits for each card
  • Visa® benefits, including emergency card and cash replacement
  • Option to enroll in Visa Checkout® and shop online quickly, easily and safely
  • Online tracking and account management through CardView
  • Account access through Online Banking and Mobile Banking


Apply for a Personal Credit Card account today. Select a Visa® Platinum card or choose one of our Rewards Card options. All cards are chip-enabled, adding an extra layer of security when used at a chip terminal. Visit any branch for more information or to apply. If you already have an account with us, you may be able to apply online.

All credit cards are subject to credit approval.

Visa Platinum Card1

Your busy lifestyle demands a credit card that can keep up. Visa® Platinum lets you pay for expenses close to home and across the globe without skipping a beat.


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Cash Rewards Visa® Platinum1

Get rewarded for your total net purchases with the Cash Rewards Visa® Platinum card.4 There is no annual fee2 and the cash you earn is yours to spend on anything you choose, and there are no points to track. Just sit back and plan your splurge when we mail you a rewards check on your annual account anniversary. You’ll even earn bonus rewards any month you carry forward a balance.5


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Purchase Perks® Visa® Platinum1

Whether you like beach vacations, candlelit dinners or a little retail therapy, the Purchase Perks® Visa® Platinum Card gives you even more reasons to enjoy your favorite activities. Choose from the Basic or Premier rewards levels and earn points on your everyday purchases—you can redeem them for cash, airline travel, gift cards, merchandise and more. Plus, enjoy additional peace of mind knowing you have expanded insurance and assistance services available when you travel.

Visa® Benefits:


  • $500,000 travel accident insurance
  • $5,000 lost luggage reimbursement
  • $1,500 hotel/motel burglary reimbursement
  • Emergency evacuation and transportation coverage
  • Concierge services
  • Travel and emergency assistance services


  • No annual fee for the first year, then $12 (Basic) or $50 (Premier) annual fee2,6 
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 in qualifying net purchases up to 120,000 per calendar year (Basic) or 200,000 per calendar year (Premier)8
  • Earn double points for the first 90 days after the account is opened8
  • Combine points on eligible credit cards9
  • Redeem points for rewards at


Apply online

Important Disclosure Information

Card Services is a division of Synovus Bank. Credit cards are issued by Synovus Bank, 1125 1st Avenue, 2nd Floor, Columbus, GA 31901, which is the creditor for all credit card accounts. 

Request Card Terms
If you already have a personal credit card with us, you can receive the terms of your card upon request. You can call us at 1-888-SYNOVUS (1-888-796-6887) or make your request in writing to:

Card Services
P.O. Box 23061
Columbus, GA 31902-3061


The service marks and trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners.

  1. All credit cards are subject to credit approval. Back
  2. On purchases and balance transfers, a 0% introductory APR for the first 6 months from account opening and after that a variable APR, of 7.74%–18.74% (as of January 31, 2017), based on your creditworthiness and other factors. On overdraft protection transactions, a variable APR, of 7.74%–18.74% (as of January 31, 2017). On Cash Advances (except overdraft protection transactions), a variable APR of 20.74% (as of January 31, 2017). The cash advance transaction fee is 3% of the cash advance ($10 minimum), except on overdraft protection transactions, for which the transaction fee is 3% of the overdraft ($5 minimum). The foreign transaction fee is 3% of the transaction (including transactions made in U.S. dollars and cross border transactions). Back
  3. Visa’s Zero Liability policy covers U.S.–issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. Consult issuer for additional details or

  4. Total Net Purchases (TNPs) up to $1,500 will earn 0.25% each year, above $1,500 and up to $3,000 will earn 0.50% each year; and above $3,000 TNPs will earn 1.00% each 12 months. An account year is 12 months, starting with the anniversary date of the account’s enrollment in the Cash Rewards Program. Example: If you spend $7,000 in Net Purchases an account year, you will earn 0.25% on the first $1,500 spent; 0.50% on the next $1,500 spent; and 1.00% on the last $4,000 spent. Cash rewards can only be earned and redeemed when the account is active and in good standing.  Back
  5. Bonus Rewards may be earned in any statement cycle when the account has been used for one or more purchase and has incurred a finance charge. The amount of the bonus reward is equal to the base reward amount in any qualifying statement cycle while total net purchases for the account year are less than or equal to $3,000. After total net purchases for the account year exceed $3,000, the bonus amount in any qualifying statement cycle is 0.50% of net purchases. The total of base and bonus rewards cannot exceed $400 in the account year. Account year begins on the anniversary of the account, which is based on the date the account is opened. Back
  6. On Purchase Perks Visa Platinum Cards, $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, after that $50 annual fee for Purchase Perks Premier, or $12 annual fee for Purchase Perks Basic. Purchase Perks points can only be earned and redeemed when the account is active and in good standing. See “Purchase Perks Rules and Conditions” for more information about the Purchase Perks rewards program. Back
  7. Rewards are based on availability. Selection may vary and is subject to change. Back
  8. Purchase Perks points can only be earned and redeemed when the account is active and in good standing. Points are earned on qualifying net purchases, which are purchases minus returns. The Cash Back reward can be applied as a statement credit toward the balance of the credit card account; or can be deposited to a Synovus Bank checking or savings account. Back
  9. It is possible to combine Purchase Perks points in any combination of the two (2) following products (all products to be combined must have a least one common Principal account owner): one (1) Visa Platinum Purchase Perks Credit Card, and one (1) Visa or MasterCard Business Platinum Credit Card Back
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