Personal Savings Accounts

All Synovus personal savings accounts feature:

  • No minimum balance requirement to earn interest1,2
  • Unlimited deposits
  • Deposits insured by the FDIC up to $250,0003
  • Online Banking and Mobile Banking4 account access

Signature Personal Savings Account
Minor Savings Account
Holiday Savings Account

Important Disclosure Information

  1. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is subject to change without notice. Back
  2. A single rate applies to the entire balance. Interest compounded daily, credited monthly and paid on the collected balance. Account has a variable interest rate subject to change after account opening and without notice.  Back
  3. The standard insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor. Visit for more information.  Back
  4. Use of Mobile Banking requires your mobile service provider’s data and/or text plan, for which charges may apply. Back
  5. If combined statement option is selected, the monthly fee and the excessive transaction fee on savings are based on the savings account cycle, not the checking account cycle. Back
  6. All accounts are subject to approval. Back
  7. Account Transaction Limitations for Savings and Money Market Accounts - Savings and Money Market Accounts may have no more than six (6) debit transactions per month or monthlystatement cycle. A debit transaction is a check, debit/check card transaction, transfer, or pre-authorized transfer, including those made by phone or modem. Unlimited transactions are permitted if made by the customer in person, by email, through an ATM or by phone if the check is mailed to the customer. If an account continually exceeds the allowed debit transactions, we may convert it to a checking account.

  8. The service-chargeable debit fee of $3 is assessed per occurence for Personal Saving Accounts after two debit transactions are paid during the month. Back
  9. Combined statements mailed monthly, statements for other Signature Personal Savings accounts mailed quarterly. Back
  10. Online Bill Pay service is free. Fees apply to same-day and overnight Bill Pay requests. Back
  11. All accounts are subject to approval. Minor Savings is available to children under the age of 18 (In Alabama, age 19 unless married). It is a joint account with a parent or guardian. The account converts to Signature Personal Savings at the minor’s 18th birthday (In Alabama, age 19 unless married).  Back
  12. The service-chargeable debit fee of $3 is assessed per occurrence for Minor Savings Accounts after two debit transactions are paid during the month.  Back
  13. The service-chargeable debit fee of $5 is assessed per occurrence on Holiday Savings Accounts after one debit transaction is paid annually.  Back
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