Options for Overdraft Coverage

Important Disclosure Information

  1. If multiple transactions overdraw your account on the same day, each transaction will be assessed an overdraft fee or a non-sufficient funds fee of $36 ($29 for military accounts). All fees and charges will be included as part of the Overdraft Privilege limit amount. Your account may become overdrawn in excess of the Overdraft Privilege limit amount as a result of a fee. Back
  2. If your account balance remains overdrawn for longer than 7 consecutive calendar days, we will charge your account an overdraft collection fee of $35 ($25 for military accounts). Back
  3. There is a limit of 6 overdraft fees ($216 or $174 for military accounts) per day that we will charge. We will not charge an overdraft fee if your account is overdrawn by $5 or less. Back
  4. For new checking accounts, you will receive Overdraft Privilege Standard Coverage with a $100 overdraft limit when you open your account. After your account has been open for 31 days and is in good standing, your account will be covered by the full overdraft limit of $100, $250, or $500, depending on account type and eligibility criteria. Back
  5. Giving us your consent for Overdraft Privilege Extended Coverage may result in you incurring overdraft fees for transactions we would otherwise be required to pay without assessing an overdraft fee. However, this would allow us to authorize transactions up to the amount of your Overdraft Privilege limit. It may also help you avoid overdrafts in excess of your available funds, which could result in restriction on the use of your debit card. Back