My Synovus Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is My Synovus?
    My Synovus is our digital banking experience for personal banking customers. My Synovus can be accessed via a mobile-friendly website and a mobile banking app for Android and iPhone. Watch our overview video.

  2. When will FCB online and mobile banking (Convenience Electronic Banking) go away?
    As of May 3, 2019, you’ll no longer have access to FCB online banking.

  3. When can I start using My Synovus?
    You can begin using My Synovus on Sunday, May 5, at about Noon.

  4. Do I get to keep my username and password?
    You’ll receive instructions in the mail for your username and password in mid-April. You’ll use a temporary password to login but can reset it to a password of your choosing. Most usernames will remain the same. If your username will change, you’ll receive a second letter with username information.

  5. How do I know what my password is?
    Instructions for your temporary password criteria will be delivered to you in the mail in mid-April.

  6. Do I need to install special software to use My Synovus?
    No, but the following operating system requirements must be met for My Synovus. For the mobile app: iOS®11 and above or Android™ version 5 and above are supported. For online: The most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Includes any previous versions that are still supported and updated by Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Apple, respectively.

  7. What type of accounts can I access through My Synovus?
    You’ll have access automatically to all consumer accounts for which you are deemed an “owner”. Access is available for checking, money market, savings, loan, CD, IRA and credit card accounts.

  8. Can I use an international number?

  9. Is there Text Banking?
    No, but you can use the Instant Balances feature of the My Synovus app for fast balance info. If you don’t have the app, Telephone Banking is another great option for getting balance information on the go – call 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887).

  10. What do I need to do to get ready?
    • We've made a Quick Start Guide and a brief video to help get you started.
    • Make sure your phone numbers on file with us are up to date. If your phone numbers are incorrect, your first login will be delayed. Please contact Customer Care at 1-866-764-0006 to update your phone numbers.
    • We recommend your phone be updated to the most recent operating system, and you’re using a supported browser. The minimum requirements for the mobile app: iOS®11 and above or Android™ version 5 and above are supported. The minimum requirements for online: Chrome and Safari are optimized and we support Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.
    • Quicken and Mint users be aware: Please do a backup of your account history. Your automated feed and integration to these third-party sites will go down during the transition to My Synovus. More information on getting going after the move to My Synovus is available below.

  11. Will I need to enroll in My Synovus?
    No, you won’t need to enroll in My Synovus. Your first login will take a little longer than usual because you’ll be asked to go through a two-step authentication process to verify your identity. Make sure we have your most recent phone numbers on record or your first login will be delayed.

  12. What are the minimum system requirements?
    The following operating system requirements must be met for My Synovus. For the mobile app: iOS®11 and above or Android™ version 5 and above are supported. The minimum requirements for online: The most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, with Chrome and Safari being the preferred browsers. Includes any previous versions that are still supported and updated by Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Apple, respectively.

  13. Is there an iPad app?
    No, there isn’t a iPad-specific app—but, you can use the mobile-friendly website on your iPad for a seamless experience. The iPhone app can be used on your iPad, but it won’t be optimized for the iPad.


  1. Am I going to lose account history or statements?
    Your account history will be available in My Synovus. Two years of FCB statements will be available to view or download. 90 days of account history will be available just as you have today. Request older statements through customer care or your local branch.

  2. Will my transaction categories carry over to My Synovus?
    Categories will not carry over. My Synovus automatically assigns categories, and you can customize categories.

Bill Pay

Watch our series of Bill Pay videos here.

  1. Can I pay bills through My Synovus? Where can I find Bill Pay?
    Yes, you can send payments and make transfers under the Payments & Transfers tab. Select Pay a Bill / Transfer Money to get started.

  2. Will my e-bills remain?
    No, you’ll need to re-enroll in e-bills. All of your prior recipients will be listed, but you’ll have to re-enroll e-bills. Scheduled payments will continue.

  3. How do I turn an e-bill on or off?
    You can manage your e-bills from Payments & Transfers: Recipients. Select the eligible biller you want, then turn e-bills on or off.

  4. Will my scheduled bill payments and transfers carry over to My Synovus?

People Pay

  1. Can I send person-to-person payments?
    Yes. My Synovus offers a similar person-to-person payments service through PopMoney1 with the added benefit of recurring and scheduled payments. Your People Pay history and contacts will not carry over to My Synovus, and you’ll need to complete a brief enrollment process to use PopMoney.


  1. Can I transfer funds between accounts at Synovus?
    Yes. Any scheduled or recurring transfers will carry over to My Synovus.

  2. Can I transfer to and from accounts at other financial institutions?
    Yes. You can send money to and from your accounts at other financial institutions with External Transfers. Just enroll online or from your phone and start transferring money online. Go to the Pay/Transfer tab to get started.

Mobile Deposit

  1. Can I make a mobile deposit?
    Yes, use the My Synovus app to make mobile deposits.2

  2. Will there be limits on my deposit amounts?
    You will have a monthly limit based on the average daily balance in your checking account or the combined average daily balance of your checking, savings, or money market accounts. Your current limit will be displayed in the My Synovus mobile app, or you can read more about how limits are determined in the My Synovus Agreement.

Intuit: Quicken, Quickbooks, Mint

  1. I use Quicken/Quickbooks/Mint, how do I prepare for My Synovus?
    We recommend doing a backup of your history prior to May 3. You may not be able to connect to Quicken/QuickBooks/Mint until early the week of May 6. There are steps you need to take before and after the conversion to reconnect your accounts. Please click on the instructions for the product you use and follow the steps to backup and reconnect your accounts.


  1. Will I continue to receive FCB alerts?
    Any current alerts you receive from FCB online banking will no longer be sent. There are several alerts available through My Synovus, and you can opt to receive them by email, text, push notification, or to your My Synovus Messages inbox. If you do not see an option for text alerts, go to your contact information in Settings: My Profile and opt in to text alerts. Watch the video.


  1. How do I use the Instant Balances feature in the app?
    Go to Settings: My Mobile. There is an option to Disable/Enable Instant Balances.

  2. Where do I update fingerprint or face authentication?
    Go to Settings: My Mobile.

  3. Can I update my contact information online?
    Yes, visit Settings to update your profile. You can update your phone number and email address online.


  1. Is My Synovus secure?
    My Synovus uses multifactor authentication to keep your accounts secure. This means we use multiple layers of security to verify your identity and protect your accounts beyond your username and password.

  2. Will my account numbers be displayed in their entirety?
    No. For added security, your account numbers will be masked with an asterisk (*) up to the last four digits. Loan accounts will display eight digits, the last four are the note number of the loan and the first four are the last four digits of the actual loan number. Examples:
    Checking = ******1567
    Loans = *******12350001

  3. What can I do to protect my account?
    Good security starts at home, at the office or wherever you access your account. We suggest that you:
    • Create longer passwords that use a combination of letters and numbers. Avoid using family member or pet names, birthdates and phone numbers.
    • Never write down or share your password. The same holds true for your security questions and answers.
    • Change passwords regularly. Do not alternate between the same passwords.
    • When you log in to My Synovus you’re in a secure session. Make sure by looking for a padlock symbol on the lower right hand corner of your browser or by looking at the web address – it should start with https://.
    • Only use My Synovus on computers with up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spam software. Install a personal firewall, especially if you use a broadband connection.
    • Sign off from My Synovus if you must step away from your computer or you have completed your tasks.
    • Be wary of correspondence that asks you to disclose your password or account detail. Remember, we will never ask you to provide private information by email.

  4. Can I change my password?
    Yes, go to Settings.

  5. Will Trusteer Rapport work with My Synovus?
    No, Trusteer Rapport isn't supported by My Synovus. You may keep it installed on your computer for other sites you visit. It will continue to integrate with Business Electronic Banking.


  1. Can I view my statements online?
    Yes. You’ll be able to view up to 24 months of checking, money market and savings account statements. In addition, you may also enroll in paperless statement delivery to stop receiving paper statements in the mail. Your statement will be presented to you as a searchable webpage or in PDF format, which can be opened with Adobe Reader software. Download a free version of Adobe Reader. For statements older than two years, please contact Customer Care or stop by your local branch.

Still having issues? Looking for information about something else? Call Customer Care 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887) for assistance.

Important disclosure information

Your use of My Synovus online banking, mobile banking, and other account access services is governed by the My Synovus Agreement and Digital Banking Schedule of Fees and Charges.

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  1. Individual, daily, and monthly payment limits apply and are described within the PopMoney service in My Synovus. In addition, you must have at least $100 remaining in your account following any payment. Back
  2. Generally available the next business day, but may take up to three business days depending on weekends and holidays. Your device must have a camera with at least two megapixels in resolution. Not all checks are eligible for mobile deposit. Please see your My Synovus Agreement or the FAQ for a list of ineligible checks. Back