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A banking relationship helped a 130-year-old peach farm sprout new growth

“It’s a comfortable feeling working with Synovus because of the longevity of our relationship and seeing the same faces over a 30-year period."

In the early 1980s, Al was approached about becoming a director of Citizens Bank in Fort Valley. “I made the wise decision to accept that opportunity,” he says. When Synovus bought the bank in 1991, he continued to serve on the board and the loan committee. 

Pearson Farm currently has deposit and loan relationships with Synovus. To Al, though, the bank’s most significant service is direct payroll deposit for employees. “We have 200 employees in peak season, mostly migrants who are out of the country for the other six or seven months of the year,” he explains. “The bank has been very cooperative and savvy in setting up direct deposit and checking accounts for them. It’s definitely not a standard employer/employee relationship.”

Pearson Farm and Synovus don’t have a standard “big-city bank/small-town customer” relationship, either. “The people at Synovus are very receptive to our agricultural requests and are very knowledgeable about what our needs might be,” Al points out. “It’s a comfortable feeling working with them because of the longevity of our relationship and seeing the same faces over a 30-year period. I feel I can count on having a good relationship with the bank and all of the employees and directors.”

This trust and confidence has led to new growth. Pearson Farm recently put some acreage in pecans. As a result of working with Synovus, the farm has also added a mail-order retail operation. “This is a different business for me, with credit card machines and regular deposits,” Al notes. “Synovus has been a great help.”

That’s one thing nobody wants to change. “I get a lot of interest from other financial institutions, but I have no reason to go elsewhere. I feel really comfortable with the relationship and the community ties,” he says. “It’s nice to know that you’re home.”

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