Phenix City, AL

Taylor Funeral Home's secret to success: relationships

"The Taylors believe family is important, and it’s that relationship bond that keeps Tony at Taylor Funeral Home. The company’s relationship with Synovus is still going strong, too."

Clarence Taylor was already an experienced funeral director when he moved to Phenix City and launched his new business at 1514 Fifth Avenue. (He’s still involved, though less actively than before.) Over the years, the local relationships he and his nephew Tony have established have become the secret of their success. As Tony says, “Our business is family-based. Just as our motto states, ‘It’s a Family Affair—Our Family Serving Yours.’”

Relationships with people at Synovus have been part of that success. “I know them and knew them before we actually began our business relationship,” Tony points out. He collaborates with our local bankers almost every day in community activities such as Rotary, exchange clubs, and Chamber of Commerce meetings.

With our financial support, the Taylors recently took the major step of demolishing their old building. For nearly a year, they operated out of a temporary facility until opening an elegant new funeral home in October 2016 at the original location.

Along with commercial loans, a home mortgage, credit cards and other banking services, Tony trusts Synovus for good old plain advice. He likes to ask his banking officer’s opinion of a business opportunity, or about working with a particular supplier. We’re glad to share our experience. A strong relationship, after all, is about more than money.

Taylor Funeral Home is now a well-known name in the Phenix City and Columbus communities. “My business has grown because of the local relationship with Synovus,” Tony says. And after 25 years, it’s a relationship that shows every sign of endurance.

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