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Serving communities since 1888Our company began 125 years ago with a simple act of kindness between a worker and an executive at a Columbus, Georgia textile mill.

The worker’s dress became tangled in factory machinery, and money she had sewn into her hem spilled onto the floor. Explaining she felt this was the safest place to keep her savings, a mill executive offered instead to secure her money in the mill safe and pay her interest. That same service was soon offered to all the workers, and those deposits marked the beginning of Synovus.

Since 1888, we have remained committed to serving others, offering solutions, and building trusting relationships with team members, customers, and shareholders. On those same guiding principles, we built a comprehensive financial services company that today operates in five states across the Southeast; yet, because of our relationship-driven, community banking model, in the nearly 170 communities we serve, we are still the local bank.

Synovus focuses on its position in high-growth Southeastern markets and commitment to being a great place to work to ensure the delivery of unparalleled customer experiences.




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