Women’s History Month

Her actions make an impact: Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta CEO Tiffany Collie-Bailey

“I’m a big proponent of developing the next set of female leaders. So, I do that by working with our all-female staff. Because while I’d love for them to work here forever, I know someday they’ll leave to grow their careers. And when they do, I want their new employer to be blown away by the talent that comes out of Girls Inc.”

As Tiffany looks ahead to the future, she wants to see more women pour into the tech and STEM fields. She recognizes that as a society, we haven’t nurtured girls in these areas of study. Ultimately, Tiffany envisions a world where we don’t need special programming for women in STEM because they’ll have been taught those skills starting in kindergarten. In her eyes, that’s the kind of equality and level playing field we should all aspire.

Her greatest hope is that her work will remove some of the obstacles she’s faced throughout her career for the next generation. From never having to walk into a conference room and be asked, “Are you sure you’re in the right room?” to overcoming the stereotype that working for nonprofits is somehow less legitimate than working for a business, she’s creating seats at the table for women leaders yet to come.