Empowering leadership in girls and women of all ages for a better tomorrow.

The success that future generations of women can hope to secure relies in no small part on the work we do today to enable their full potential. This Women's History Month, we're lifting up organizations, volunteers, advocates and mentors who commit themselves to that mission every day.

By sharing their stories of advocacy and determination to build a more inclusive world, we hope to inspire people to support this cause in any way they can. And most importantly, we hope to inspire girls and women who ever second-guessed their dreams to recommit themselves to pursuing what they feel called to do.

Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. empowers young women in the greater Atlanta area by giving young them the tools and resources to advocate for themselves and recognize their value. And while the organization has an impressive history, it remains just as committed today to bridging gaps, providing opportunities and leaving a lasting impact.

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Volunteerism and Advocacy

Synovus team members Kimberly, Erin and Scott are dedicated to improving the trajectory of girls and women of all ages. Read more about their dedication to find and create opportunity for young women, their selfless acts of volunteerism and the personal fulfillment that comes from serving others.

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