Kelley Manufacturing Co. relies on Synovus for both local banking and international capabilities

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“When we've had difficulties and we needed a bank to help us, Synovus stood by us. Knowing Synovus was there when we needed help meant a lot."

“In business, time is money," he says. “When we have a question or need something from our bank, we need to get someone quickly, and so far that's worked very well."

KMC was founded in 1966 and moved to its current location in 1972, when Carson started working there. It was bought out soon after, but then Carson bought the business back, a deal that was finalized in 1981. The company is now 100% employee owned, he says.

Tomberlin recalled a time when the company, which had done very well that particular year, gave large bonuses to employees, and wanted to pay some of them in cash. But the local Synovus branch didn't have that much cash on hand that day.

“They went to other banks around town to buy up the cash we needed," Tomberlin says. If they were late paying some bonuses, that might not have gone over well with some employees. “Morale is a big part of managing employees, and we were able to pay everyone their bonus in cash, thanks to Synovus going the extra mile."

“There are times when we've had difficulties, and we needed a bank to help us," Carson says. “Synovus stood by us. Knowing that the people involved were there when we needed help, as the CEO of a company, that meant a lot to me."

If you're searching for a bank that will go the extra mile for you, learn how Synovus can help. Just call us at 1-888-SYNOVUS (1-888-796-6887) or stop by your local Synovus branch. We're here for you.

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