Account Protection & Reconciliation Services

Positive Pay for Checks

Guard against check fraud with Positive Pay for Checks. After we receive an electronic file from you listing the details of each check issued, we compare incoming checks to the listing on a daily basis and single out any unmatched items for your review. We’ll release payment on an unmatched check only with your approval, helping you prevent unauthorized payments from happening in the first place.

Positive Pay for ACH

Reduce the possibility of unauthorized ACH transactions with Positive Pay for ACH. We compare electronic account transactions against payments you previously authorized and suspend any item that’s not a match. We’ll present the questioned transaction to you and pay it only with your approval.

Deposit Reconciliation

If your business has multiple locations or internal divisions that make deposits, our Deposit Reconciliation services can help simplify matters, reduce bank costs and improve accuracy. Using a location code embedded on the MICR line of your company’s deposit tickets, we’ll track and subtotal your deposits and provide a recap report listing each deposit made to your account, sorted by the assigned location code. 

Account Reconciliation

Streamline the process of settling your bank balance to your ledger balance with our Account Reconciliation services.


With Full Reconciliation, we offer complete reporting of all debits and credits recorded during the accounting period, comparing your electronic file with checks paid and other activity on your account. You’ll receive electronic reports in a format compatible with your accounting system, allowing you to reduce administrative time and processing costs while improving accuracy and gaining greater control of the reconciliation process.


With Partial Reconciliation, we electronically report all checks and other debits paid, balanced against your account statement.

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