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Four Steps for Effective Market Planning

Nov 05, 2021 • 6 min

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What are Seven Steps to Succession Planning?

Succession planning isn’t as hard as it may seem. Seven steps can ensure it’s done correctly.
Infographic 3 min

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Why is Succession Planning Important?

Effective succession planning can increase valuation and investor returns for large companies by 20-25%. But many companies don’t have a succession plan. Develop one with these seven steps.
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Five 2022 Business Planning Trends

Over a year into the pandemic, companies are still adapting to economic, labor and supply chain challenges. In the next year, CEOs and other business leaders will focus on sales, spending, supply chain management, staffing, and flexible work arrangements.
Article 4 min
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Good for Earth, Growers, Economy

    The sustainable agriculture market will grow to $31.4 billion by 2031. What does this mean for the future of farming?

  • Building an Engineering Company from the Ground Up

    In 1996, newly established Bunnell-Lammons Engineering (BLE) sought a stable banking relationship that could also provide much-needed capital. They chose Synovus ahead of three competitors. Twenty years later, Synovus is still the partner Greenville, South Carolina- based BLE trusts with their banking needs.

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