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Four Steps for Effective Market Planning

Nov 05, 2021 (updated Jan 04, 2024) • 7 min

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Why is a Succession Plan Important?

Succession plans can increase a company’s valuation. But many businesses don’t have one. These seven steps can ensure your succession plan is correctly done.
Article 7 mins

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Five 2022 Business Planning Trends

Over a year into the pandemic, companies are still adapting to economic, labor and supply chain challenges. In the next year, CEOs and other business leaders will focus on sales, spending, supply chain management, staffing, and flexible work arrangements.
Article 4 min

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Scenario Planning Dos and Don’ts

First used in the 1950s to assess potential effects of a nuclear war, scenario planning offers practical benefits for CFOs and other finance professionals today. Consider these dos and don’ts when beginning the scenario planning process.
Article 2 min

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