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Our experienced relationship managers are more than just bankers. They’re trusted advisors and solution finders, tasked with ensuring your franchise has access to the capital needed to grow—while providing personalized financial solutions for your every need.

  • Acquisitions
  • Relocation rebuilds
  • New restaurant construction
  • Remodels
  • Equipment purchases
  • Debt refinancing
  • Working capital operating solutions
  • Deposit account structure options
  • Treasury and payment solutions

Cash management

Effective cash management is one of the most immediate means of increasing operational efficiency and profitability. Our experts will partner with you to create a cash flow plan and a working capital analysis with the right combination of financial acuity, technology, and scalable treasury solutions to support your unique needs, now and into the future. Additionally, our team can perform a business process review to identify cost-savings, efficiencies, and treasury recommendations to optimize your franchise’s operations.

From accelerated receivables for optimized cash flow, electronic payments, online payroll, and risk mitigation to protect your employees and your bottom line, we’ll provide the insights and digital solutions needed to help your franchise thrive.

Receivables management

Increase employee safety while optimizing operational efficiencies and profitability.

  • Remote Vault Deposit: Safely transport and manage funds. Remote Vault Deposit provides a physical, onsite safe that is serviced by an armored courier at your location(s). In addition, the vault automatically counts cash and coin deposits, and you’ll receive a provisional credit prior to final reconciliation at our bank.
  • Synovus GatewaySM Remote Deposit: Expedite funds availability, simplify record keeping and save time. Simply scan and electronically deposit checks from the convenience of your office—no trips to the bank necessary. You’ll receive same-day credit for scanned deposits received by 6:00 p.m. ET. Plus, you get a consolidated view of activity from all locations across all accounts.

Payables and expense management

Drive efficiency and increase security through electronic processes, automation, and integrated services.

  • ACH Origination for Direct Deposit: Reduce the cost of processing paper checks. ACH Origination for Direct Deposit allows you to transfer payroll and other disbursements into a checking or savings account at any financial institution.
  • Deposit Pay®: Enable your vendors to accept electronic payments via a special Visa® account. Just approve an invoice and an e-payment is automatically sent to the vendor’s account with no further processing required.
  • Controlled Disbursement Account: Enhance earning potential and reduce overdrafts with accurate daily reporting when checks clear your account. A Controlled Disbursement Account enables you to clearly decide whether to keep funds invested or delay borrowing until a more appropriate time.

Fraud Mitigation

Safeguard assets, reduce risk exposure, and mitigate fraudulent threats -- internal and external.

  • Positive Pay for ACH: Automatically block unauthorized ACH debits from posting to your accounts.
  • Positive Pay for Checks: Validate every check presented for payment, including payroll checks and vendor payments, to prevent check fraud.

Learn more about Fraud Protection.

Synovus Private Wealth for your personal finances

You have worked hard to become a McDonald's franchisee… now let's work together to take your personal finances even further. We respect your desire to build on what you’ve accomplished while protecting it for generations. That’s where Synovus Private Wealth comes in.

We’re here to guide your personal financial decisions both today and tomorrow. We provide you with dedicated professionals who have experience across a range of financial services. Bankers and investment strategists, asset managers and estate planners, all working together to customize seamless solutions that are designed to help you achieve your personal financial goals.

Additional solutions

Simplify transactions with the payment options and technology customers expect.

  • Information Management: Receive meaningful business insights and actionable reporting.
  • Liquidity Management: Build a solid foundation with a comprehensive funds management strategy.
  • Synovus Merchant Services: Transactions made easier with the payment options and technology customers expect.

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McDonald’s, the Golden Arches Logo and the McDonald’s building design are trademarks of McDonald’s Corporation and its affiliates. Used with permission. McDonald’s does not endorse or control this program, but permits Synovus Bank to make this offer available. McDonald’s is not responsible or liable for any products or services offered by Synovus Bank. Subject to credit approval.

Private Wealth products and services are available for customers whose income and investable assets are greater than or equal to $750,000. Income is defined as Adjusted Gross Income (joint AGI, if applicable). Investable Assets ( joint, if applicable) is defined as cash plus marketable securities in bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, revocable trusts and trust investment management accounts. Investable Assets must be held in the United States.

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