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Gateway Migration Treasury Service Information

Synovus Customer Care is currently experiencing extended wait times. To help avoid call wait times, please see important service alerts and resources below for the latest information and most frequently asked questions about Treasury and Payment services.

  • Authorize ACH or Wire payments and need to install or register your Symantec VIP token? See the Symantec VIP Token Guide for instructions. Need additional information about ACH? See the ACH demo and the ACH User Guide.
  • Need assistance using Treasury services within Synovus Gateway? See for videos, recorded training, and user guides for services such as Positive Pay, ACH, Template Payments, QuickBooks, Alerts, User Management, and more. Also be sure to explore the additional resources accessible below.

First time log in instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Home page.
  2. From the “Manage Your Account” drop-down menu, select Synovus Gateway;
  3. Click or tap First time login? and enter your Synovus Gateway Login ID provided via email and click or tap Submit;
  4. On the Select Secure Access Code Target page, click or tap your desired contact method — either text, email, or voice call — to generate a secure access code;
  5. When the code arrives, enter the code on the Secure Access Code page and click or tap Submit;
  6. Enter a password, then re-enter it in the Confirm Password field and click or tap Submit.

Note: If you have difficulty at first log in with requesting or receiving the Secure Access Code, please contact Customer Care at 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887) and say “Gateway.” See the Transition Guide for additional first-time log in information, including Secure Access Code details and password requirements.


Get started

Once you log in, refer to the Readiness Checklist (page 2) for actions to complete now. Review the service menu to familiarize yourself with the new application, the Home page, and how your information has carried over from the BBC. The Home page is always your landing page for convenient access to the service menu, account overview, and quick actions. Also be sure to follow the instructions provided to download the Synovus Gateway mobile app.


Get familiar with your new digital banking experience

Digital Demos

Access for interactive demos, recorded training, and user guides to learn about frequently used online and mobile features, including how to log in. Be sure to bookmark the site for future reference.


Other things to know

New Soft Tokens for ACH and Wire payment transaction authorization

Hard tokens have been replaced by soft (digital) tokens. While token authentication is no longer required at log in, authentication is required for transaction authorization. If you authorize ACH or Wire payments, download the Symantec VIP Access Manager app and register your token. This is a critical step that must be completed to avoid uninterrupted payment authorization. See the Symantec VIP Token Guide for download and registration instructions.

Use Remote Express Deposit, File Transfer, Enhanced Imaging, Lockbox Image Archive? Gateway provides a single point of access to your services.

Synovus Gateway provides convenient single sign-on access to Remote Express Deposit, File Transfer, Enhanced Imaging, and Lockbox Image Archive. To locate these services within Gateway, once logged in, go to the Navigation menu and select Services. Otherwise, there are no changes to how your services function. See the Transition Guide for additional details.

Remote Express Deposit (RED)

You may receive a browser notification or 64 bit error message. If so, please see Remote Express Deposit WebScan Troubleshooting and Installation Guide for instructions to get up and running with Remote Express Deposit within Gateway.

Need to update your driver to support RED Web use with Windows 11? See the WebScan Driver Installation Guide to complete the required driver update to get started.

Commercial Capture Xpress (CCX)

Need to update your driver to support Commercial Capture Xpress (CCX) use with Windows 11? See the CCX WebScan Driver Installation Guide to complete the required driver update to get started.

Use International Wire Transfer?

If you initiate International Wire Transfers, see the Tip Sheet for important details.

Use additional Treasury Management services?

See the Transition Guide and Treasury Management and Payment Solutions FAQ for detailed information about your enhanced experience.


Have questions? We’re here to help.

Call Synovus Customer Care at 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887) and say "Gateway."

Important disclosure information:

  1. The Synovus Gateway mobile application requires your mobile service provider’s data and/or text plan. Message and data rates may apply. Back