Resources to help you get started

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User guides for online services

Synovus Gateway ACH User Guide
Synovus Gateway Bill Pay Get Started Guide
Synovus Gateway Comprehensive User Guide
Synovus Gateway Positive Pay User Guide
Synovus Gateway QuickBooks User Guide
Synovus Gateway Security Features & Benefits Guide
Synovus Gateway Sub-Accounting User Guide
Synovus Gateway Symantec VIP Token User Guide
Synovus Gateway System Requirements Guide 
Synovus Gateway Tax Payment User Guide
Synovus Gateway User Management Guide
Synovus Gateway Wire Transfer User Guide
Synovus Gateway Wire Upload User Guide
Synovus Web Image User Guide


Synovus Accelerate AR

Synovus Accelerate AR Console User Guide
Synovus Accelerate AR eLockbox User Guide


Synovus Gateway Remote Deposit

Administrator Guide: Synovus Gateway Remote Deposit
Synovus Gateway Remote Deposit Quick Reference Guide


Remote Express Deposit and Commercial Capture Xpress (CCX)

CCX WebScan Driver Installation Guide (Driver update instructions to support CCX use with Windows 11)
Remote Express Deposit WebScan Troubleshooting and Installation Guide
WebScan Driver Installation Guide (Driver update instructions to support RED Web use with Windows 11)


Additional documentation

Gateway Treasury Tips and Best Practices
International Wire Transfer Tip Sheet
NACHA Change Codes (NOCs)
NACHA File Format Guide
NACHA Return Reason Codes
Payee Match Guidelines & Best Practices
Treasury Management Services Master Services Agreement
Web Image Service Addendum
Wire Transfer FAQ


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