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Efficient, secure and trustworthy banking solutions are key to running your business around the world.

International Payments
Regardless of where your business takes you, you always need to send and receive payments safely and on time. For transactions with international retailers, vendors or associates, we’ve got you covered.  

Available Services:


  • Enjoy increased security, reporting and control by making International Wire Transfers online from the convenience of your office—or anywhere. You can initiate or receive payments in U.S. dollars or foreign currencies, so sending recurring wires is a snap with secure stored information.
  • Use Draft Services to pay vendors across the world with checks issued in 15 currencies 
  • Clear international checks using our Foreign Cash Letter or Foreign Collection services
International Trade Services

You may be concerned about ensuring prompt transactions, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the other party, or you’re dealing with competing laws across borders. Our International Trade Services can help relieve this burden by recommending organizations that can assist with understanding foreign laws. 

Available Services:


  • Mitigate country and commercial risks with an Export Letter of Credit1 that allows you to receive immediate payments for goods while offering attractive credit terms to your buyer
  • Pay overseas suppliers promptly for imported goods as well as manage shipping schedules and payment terms with an Import letter of Credit1
  • Guarantee payment terms for many types of commercial transactions with an International Standby Letter of Credit.1 Frequent uses include bid and performance bonds, advance payment or foreign bank guarantees, payment sureties and warranties
  • Facilitate collections in stable markets or established trade relationships, and streamline the exchange of shipping documents, with Documentary Collection Services. Our international collections specialists can oversee quick and efficient payment of both sight and time drafts 
Foreign Exchange and Currency

Doing business abroad successfully requires a sophisticated understanding of the factors that influence foreign exchange as well as up-to-the-minute information on market movements. From the tactical buying and selling of foreign banknotes to the strategic analysis of rate fluctuations, our team can assist with your movements in foreign currency. 

Available Services:


  • Minimize exposure to rate fluctuations and remove budget uncertainty by locking in a Foreign Exchange Forward Contract. The forward contract allows you to buy or sell a fixed amount of currency on a future date at an exchange rate that’s set on the transaction date
  • Arrange for the immediate exchange of currency with a Spot contract to buy or sell at our current market exchange rate
  • Buy and sell banknotes in over 65 currencies with competitive exchange rates

Important Disclosure Information

  1. Subject to credit approval. Back
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