Black History Month Spotlight

The Synovus African American ERG: What Black History Month means to me

Shawn Beard,
Senior Business Systems Analyst

“Black History Month means acknowledging the many triumphs that have been achieved and reminds me to keep reaching for things that may seem beyond my grasp. I plan to recognize Black History Month by respecting the contributions of all those who came before me, those actively pressing forward, and those who will make history in the years to come.”

Christine Brown,
Talent Acquisition Manager

“Today, Black History Month means we will collectively remember. It’s a time of reflection to honor countless individuals who’ve made sacrifices and contributions. My goal for Black History Month and every day of the year is to shine a lens on disparities and help others realize they are empowered and can make a difference.”

Gordon Bussey,
Area Sales Leader

“Black History Month is a celebration of the extensive achievements of African Americans in our country. I plan to recognize the month by continuing to educate the next generation on our history and conveying the importance of celebrating the past to ensure our future.”

Crystal Shahid,
Loan Workout Specialist, Special Assets

“Black History Month is a time when we celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans, both past and present. While Black History month only takes place in February, Black history is made every day. We can all learn from and be inspired by what we see.”

Jennifer Pratt,
Director, Learning and Development and Talent Acquisition

“Black History Month is a time to celebrate the progress that’s been made while realizing the decisions we’re making right now will write the story for future Black history makers.”

Brittnee Dalton,
Senior Trader

“Black History Month is meant to be a celebration of the rich history, culture, and continued accomplishments of African Americans. It’s a time to educate ourselves and future generations as well as our peers on our story.”

Chris Watkins,
Director, Social Media

“Black History Month isn’t just a time to acknowledge the trailblazers of the past. Black history is happening right now, and it’s an opportunity to recognize the change makers, social advocates, and glass ceiling-shattering leaders of today lighting the path towards a more equitable future.”

Pamela Cross,
Senior Community Development Manager

“Black History Month for me means pride, reflection, and responsibility. I plan to acknowledge the month as a humble but fierce champion and advocate of all past, current, and future contributions of African Americans while further increasing my knowledge through documentaries and readings.”