Black History Month at Synovus

When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we understand the importance of listening more than speaking. Because successful allyship is rooted in the understanding, empathy, and appreciation of a lived experience that differs from your own.

To celebrate Black History Month this year, we’re sharing the stories of Synovus team members that inspire us to learn more about and engage with the Black community across our footprint. By creating a space for heartfelt conversation, we hope to educate ourselves and others about Black history and culture and ultimately build a stronger bond between us all.

Learn about what inspires them, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the tools they rely on to keep moving the needle forward.



Black History Month Spotlight: Shantora Flowers

Never one to shy away from uncomfortable conversations, Shantora Flowers knows the key to inclusivity means getting to know your neighbor, no matter how hard it may be. Those differences, she believes, are what unite us instead of setting us apart.

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Black History Month Spotlight: Salik Johnson

Salik grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. As you can imagine, having that as the backdrop to his upbringing gave him a unique perspective and understanding of Black history.

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Black History Month Spotlight: Charlotte Burton

From "sisterhood packs"; to strategically placed sticky notes, Charlotte Burton cherishes the tiny nudges and strong relationships that remind her of the impact she has on others.

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Black History Month Spotlight: Juwan Ayers

Juwan epitomizes optimism and the desire to reach his life’s full potential. But his positive outlook wasn't by accident. He’s had meaningful mentorship and support that have helped him pursue his dreams.

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Black History Month Spotlight: Jacquese Hill

Jacquese Hill is the embodiment of someone who is “blessed to be a blessing.” This Birmingham native, armed with a knack for making way for others, knows that with the right support and mindset, every dream is achievable.

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Black History Month Spotlight: Kevin Gillen

Understanding any community isn’t just about knowing stats and dates in history. Kevin learned first-hand that building relationships with the individuals of that community is what it takes to gain that awareness.

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