Black History Month at Synovus

There is much to learn and celebrate about Black history. So much so, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASAALH) determines an annual theme for Black History Month to help focus attention, guide conversation, and inspire. This year, they are highlighting the contributions of Black Americans to the arts, and an exploration of Black creative expression.

Creativity is everywhere. The ability to express ourselves in so many different mediums makes our world a brighter and better place. That’s why, this Black History Month, we’re excited to join the ASAALH and recognize our artistically talented team members.



Black History Month Spotlight: Gary Robinson, Sr

“My journey is marked by resilience, service and the gift of music. It’s also a testament that one man's voice can make a difference. My devotion to sharing my 'joyful noise' extends beyond the office and is my way of reaching individuals one at a time.”

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"For inspiration, I look to meaningful paintings or drawings of Black women wearing their natural hair. It reminds me of my creative outlet and how my talent might bring women of color back to their roots and make them feel natural and free."

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Black History Month Spotlight: Eddie Lowe

"If I can offer advice to any aspiring artists, it would be to be your authentic self. Authenticity is key, and there's no substitute for sincerity. Being true to oneself and embracing individuality is essential to any creative pursuit."

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