Take the security of your accounts, credit, and identity to the next level.

All Private Wealth Checking Account clients are eligible to enroll in our complimentary Credit and Identity Protection services that provide you with peace of mind. With next level security, you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Get your personalized security code from your Private Wealth Advisor to enroll for benefits.

Key features and benefits

  • Industry-leading Credit Monitoring, Scoring and Reporting
    You can view your credit score1 and report, so you can better understand influencing factors such as delinquencies, inquiries, outstanding credit, and more.

    Credit monitoring notifies you of changes to your Experian credit report such as updates to personal information, new loan data or credit inquiries, past due accounts, judgments or liens, and more.

  • Internet Surveillance Report & Monitoring
    Internet surveillance scours websites, blogs, peer-to-peer networks and chat rooms and notifies you if your personal information is found. Monitored information includes:
    • Drivers license number
    • Credit or debit card account numbers
    • Social Security number
    • Medical IDs
    • Phone numbers
    • Email addresses
    • Bank account numbers
    • Passport number
    • Store/membership card IDs

  • Change of Address Monitoring
    You’re notified if your address processed through the national US Postal Service database has been redirected.

  • Court Records Monitoring
    You’re notified if a criminal act is booked or reported in the court system with your identity information.

  • Social Security Number Trace Report & Monitoring
    Notifies you of all names, aliases and addresses associated with your social security number (SSN) as a means of monitoring possible identity theft.

  • Social Network Monitoring
    We watch your social media account activity on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and notify you of privacy or reputation risks with the content you’re sharing.

  • Full-Service Identity Restoration
    If you are a victim of identity theft, or suspect there is a problem, a certified Identity Restoration specialist is available to help you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    A team of Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists can help you resolve any instance of identity theft experienced. Services include:
    • Contacting the entity that issued the account (bank, credit card issuer, etc.)
    • Notifying law enforcement
    • Reviewing your credit report
    • Filing appropriate fraud alerts
    • Placing credit freezes with different bureaus

  • Lost Wallet
    Our Identity Restoration team can cancel and re-order your wallet contents, including credit and debit cards, check books, driver’s licenses, social security cards, insurance cards, passports, military identification cards, and even traveler’s checks.

  • Insurance Coverage up to $1 Million
    Reimbursement up to $1 million with $0 deductible for expenses associated with your identity theft recovery:
    • Lost wages or income
    • Attorney and legal fees
    • Expenses incurred for refiling of loans, grants, etc.

For more details, contact your Private Wealth Advisor or call 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887) for Priority Customer Care. We are here to help you.

Important disclosure information

Products and services in this product brochure are available for customers whose income and investable assets are greater than or equal to $750,000. Income is defined as Adjusted Gross Income (joint AGI, if applicable). Investable Assets (joint, if applicable) is defined as cash plus marketable securities. Investable Assets must be held in the United States.

See Synovus Private Wealth Program Terms on synovus.com/PrivateWealth for a complete list of benefits. Synovus Bank, Member FDIC.

  1. Credit score and information is provided by Experian and may differ from other credit scores or information provided by other credit bureaus. This information is provided at no additional cost and does not count towards your right to receive free annual credit reports under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Specifically, the FICO® Vantage 3 score is provided and may differ from other credit scores provided by Experian used by lenders in credit decisions. This product is subject to change. FICO is a registered trademark of the Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.