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5 budgeting tips for holiday shopping

How to budget for Christmas shopping
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Tip: Use an automatic savings tool like Honey to make sure you get the sweetest deal while doing your holiday shopping online this season.

3. Shopping at brick-and-mortar stores? Browse online first.

Want to sniff that perfume or squeeze those fuzzy socks before you buy? Before heading to the store, use a trick known as "webrooming" — that is, going online to check product reviews, compare prices, and learn about upcoming sales before buying at a brick-and-mortar store.4 Be aware, though, that some retailers offer lower prices online than in the store.5 In that case, consider buying online and choosing free in-store pickup.

4. Reward yourself with bigger holiday savings.

Credit card rewards can help you save big this season. First, check to see if you have unused rewards sitting in a credit card account. You might: three out of 10 Americans have never cashed in their rewards.6 If you find a stash, figure out which strategy yields the most value: converting points or miles to cash, redeeming them for gift cards or merchandise you can give as gifts, or using them to book holiday travel. Second, use a cash-back credit card for your shopping to get an extra percentage back on all of your purchases. If you spend $1,000 on a card that gives three percent back, you save $30.

5. Use cards with your best interest in mind.

Wise credit card use is key to avoiding holiday debt. One survey found almost 25 percent of millennials were still paying off last year's holiday purchases during the current holiday season.7 If you won't be able to pay off your card in full when you get the bill, consider applying for a credit card that comes with a zero percent introductory offer. Then calculate how much you can reasonably charge and still pay off your balance before interest kicks in.

Use these tips to celebrate the holidays without spending beyond your means. And if you'd like to get more information on how to budget or use your credit or debit cards, stop by a local branch or give us a call at 1-888-SYNOVUS (1-888-796-6887). We're happy to help this season or any time.

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