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Understanding Dividend Stocks

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While higher dividend yields aren't always an indicator of company health, dividend paying companies are often more stable and established.

4. What are some benefits to investing in dividend stocks in a volatile market?

While higher dividend yields aren't always an indicator of company health, dividend paying companies are often more stable and established — a sign that they may be more likely to withstand an economic downtown. Companies like AT&T (T) and mall property conglomerate Simon Property Group (SPG) are two such examples. Energy companies, such as Exxon Mobil (XOM), also pay dividends.

In a volatile market, dividends can help hedge an investment portfolio against inflation. The income from dividends can also help offset declines in stock values elsewhere.

But it's not just the steady stream of dividend payments that investors are banking on. Since it's typically more stable, established companies that pay dividends, investors are also speculating that, under the right market conditions, the stock price may increase.

5. What are some downsides to dividend stocks?

While dividend stocks possess many positives, there are still some practical matters to consider before investing. For starters, if you receive significant dividend payouts, you may be subject to the Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT) and therefore required to pay an estimated tax to avoid a penalty.3

Dividend stocks are also still susceptible to market volatility, since both the dividend yield and the underlying stock price can fall. And finally, a company can choose to eliminate a dividend entirely. For example, in 2020, leisure and entertainment companies, such as Carnival Cruise Lines and Las Vegas Sands, suspended their dividend payouts indefinitely citing significantly less demand for their products and services during the global shutdown.4

During times that feel uncertain or pivotal, speaking to your financial professional about the right kinds of investments can mean the difference between peace of mind and sitting up at night worrying. Talk to a Synovus financial advisor to learn more about dividend stocks — and other types of investments — that can help fund your future goals and dreams, and assist you in the present.

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