Synovus Insights helps you make informed financial decisions by presenting you with tailored solutions through notifications and trivia quizzes. All while seamlessly integrating with your My Synovus experience.

Stay a step ahead

Manage Your Money Better

Have timely, accurate information at your fingertips to plan for day-to-day transactions and upcoming payments with Insights’ account balance forecasting.

  • 01/04

Cash flow tracker

Wonder where your money goes? Monitor your monthly account activity here.

Make the Most of Your Money

Keep up with new deposits and bonuses and get the most out of your extra cash with Insights’ guided savings or investment options.

  • 02/04

Paycheck deposited

Your latest paycheck is now available.

Keep Your Money Safe

Stay on top of suspicious activity such as duplicate charges, transfers, or unusual purchases from new vendors with Insights’ 24/7 transaction monitoring.

  • 03/04

Shopping online?

Monitor your online spending here so you don’t lose track.

Maximize Your Synovus Experience

Utilize Insights’ tips to avoid fees, simplify your payment process, and stay notified of other unused benefits for an enhanced banking experience.

  • 04/04

How to avoid ATM fees

Next time you use an ATM, follow this advice.

Use Insights to your advantage

How does it work?

As you use your Synovus accounts, Insights learns your needs and suggests actions based on your activity.

What does it do?

Insights offers timely alerts, tips, and advice to help you manage your finances.

How can it help me?

Use information from Insights to save, invest, and reach other financial goals.

When can I use it?

See your Insights right away on My Synovus.

How to access Synovus Insights

There’s no need to enroll in Synovus Insights—your My Synovus account is already equipped with Insights capabilities. Simply open your Synovus app or browser at and find the Insights tab at the top to get started.