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Payments & Transfers

Payments & Transfers – What You Need to Know

How to Pay a Bill

This video shows you how to pay a bill, how to pay multiple bills at once, and how to add a recipient.


My Synovus requires you to enter where you are sending money “to” before asking where it will come “from”.

To/From - Desktop

To/From - Mobile

Pay Multiple

Go to Pay Multiple to pay all of your billers in a single view.

Pay Multiple - Desktop

Pay Multiple - Mobile

Replacing Bill Pay Reminders

Bill Pay Reminders went away with the move to Synovus, but you have other options.

Setting Reminders for Scheduled Recurring Payments

Creating a Customer Reminder in Alerts

Set Up Recurring Payments

Bill Pay Groups

Bill Pay groups didn’t carry over to My Synovus, but you can create Groups when you add new recipients.

Create a Group - Mobile

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