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  1. Variable rates range from Prime plus 0.74% APR to Prime plus 6.79% APR; APR is based on several factors including credit history, Loan to Value (LTV), and lien status. APR is subject to a minimum floor rate of 3.99%; the maximum rate is 18%. This rate example features a 89.90% loan to value (LTV). The maximum LTV may vary with the amount borrowed, credit score and property type. The interest rate will vary based on Wall Street Journal Prime Rate (as of November 15, 2021 Prime Rate is 3.25%) plus a margin. A Prime Rate of 3.25% (as of November 15, 2021) plus a typical margin of 0.74% would result in a current APR of 3.99% up to 89.90% loan to value (LTV) Back
  2. The 30 year Total Line of Credit (TLC) offers an interest only or 1.5% payment (or $50 minimum) during the initial draw period of 10 years. The draw period is followed by a 20 year repayment with a payment of 1.5% of the balance (or a $50 minimum). You are allowed to convert all, or any portion of the balance above $5,000, to a fixed rate/fixed term. Conversions are limited to three options during the draw period; there is a $50 fee for each option. Once converted, that balance will remain at that fixed rate for the remainder of the term selected and cannot be selected for conversion again. The fixed rate at the time of conversion is tied to the Wall Street Journal Prime plus the margin approved at the time of opening the TLC. The repayment period for these options cannot exceed the TLC’s maturity date. Back