Salute to our Military: Veteran Ryan Canoy, Talent Acquisition Partner

“Veterans can be one of the most productive members of any team they are on.” - Ryan Canoy 

As much as he wanted to serve his country, Ryan knew he eventually wanted to return to civilian life. He left the Army in March of 2022 and seamlessly rolled into his role as a Talent Acquisition Partner at Synovus just weeks later.


His experience before the military was at Florida Community Bank, where he gained knowledge in credit, commercial real estate, underwriting, and more. Combined with his military career, he brings quite a few skillsets to the table in his new role.


The transition has been smooth for him. “The entire Talent Acquisition team has been very hands-on. Everyone has been great, getting me acclimated to the culture and expectations. People have been instrumental in making sure I’m headed in the right direction,” he says.


He admits the return to civilian life can be tough for some, but he’s confident any company hiring veterans will quickly realize what an asset they are. “Veterans can be one of the most productive members of any team they are on,” he says. “If you are considering hiring a recently separated veteran or have just hired one, know there will be some challenges, but the value will be much greater.” 




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