Salute to Our Military Families: Leigh Deaton, Retail Operations Risk Manager

“Financial services is a very portable industry, and a great path for a military spouse.” - Leigh Deaton

It didn’t work out at first, but not for long—her former coworkers reached out to her when a new position came up in Columbus. “It just speaks so much about how Synovus cares about its people,” she says. “They didn’t want me to leave, but they understood that I couldn’t be in my previous community while living somewhere else. It wouldn’t have been good for the branch, but they were committed to finding me a position.”


While she didn’t get into banking solely because of the flexibility—she holds degrees in finance and accounting—Leigh says that it is a fantastic industry to be in as a military spouse. “I’ve stayed employed since I met my husband. Financial services is a very portable industry and a great path for a military spouse.”


Beyond the formal benefits offered, she’s also grateful for the abundance of resources Synovus team members have, military or otherwise. “Synovus’ support of volunteerism is a huge benefit,” she says. “I’ve been able to volunteer and be active within the units and on post, and I have never been stressed that I had to use time-off to do so. Management has always been supportive of me being active in the military community.”


She also finds support in the Veterans Employee Resource Group, where she feels welcomed despite not being a veteran herself. “It’s so great to be part of the ERG.  I love having the opportunity to connect with others based on my personal affiliations and not solely based on my job,” she says.


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