Honoring those who serve

Today, it’s all too easy for those who have never served to underappreciate the sacrifices made by those dedicated to defending our country. That’s why it’s important that we take the time to commemorate their service. The veterans and military members across our footprint and on our team remind us through their actions to carry ourselves with integrity and, whenever possible, lend a helping hand. So, this Military Appreciation Month we’re lifting up organizations and volunteers whose work in the community inspires us to do more.


Brian Abeyta and House of Heroes

A graduate of the Air Force Academy and on track to receive his doctorate from Valdosta State, Brian is a valuable member of our Technology team. He also invests time and effort into his community as a board member and volunteer at House of Heroes.

For the past 25 years, House of Heroes has served our nation’s military and public safety veterans and their spouses. Through the generosity of their donors — and the commitment of their volunteers — House of Heroes performs repairs and improvements to veterans' homes at no cost to them.

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Serving our country and their communities

We’re fortunate to have a significant presence of military members and veterans within our footprint, contributing their unique skills and expertise to the communities where they live. These men and women make a difference in our towns and cities by applying their on-the-job experience to open businesses that employ millions and generate billions in paychecks for working families.

Their continued service inspires community partners like House of Heroes to express our collective gratitude by providing vital services for these invaluable members of our veteran community.

Infographic describing Military Appreciation Month. A full description is available through a link beneath the image.
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