Military Appreciation Month at Synovus

Our military and veteran team members often credit their time in the service with shaping who they are today. We’re grateful to members of the veterans employee resource group (ERG) who took a few moments to share their experience and let us know how we can serve the unique needs of these invaluable colleagues and friends.

We honor our veteran and military team members throughout the year. Read through a few of their past stories to see how they inspire us:


Veteran Spotlight: Jonathan Morrison

As chair of the Veterans Employee Resource Group, Morrison advocates for military experience as a unique, secondary skillset unlike any other.

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Veteran Spotlight: Carla Trombly

“We need to do more for all our veterans, whether they served in combat or not. I feel we are doing that at Synovus, which makes me happy.”

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Veteran Spotlight: Ingrid Boatright

After leaving the Navy, Ingrid found herself in uncharted waters when it came to a new career. Her openness to opportunity led to a career spanning more than two decades.

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Veteran Spotlight: Larry Glasscock

Larry offers a bit of reconnaissance to veterans interested in following his lead. “There is a job at Synovus for anyone motivated to find it.”

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