Surgery clinic stays afloat after flood, thanks to Synovus

"My office staff has asked me not to consider changing banks. Their work is easier because of Synovus."

"If we need to buy a laser, which is a $250,000 piece of equipment, that's just a phone call away too," he says. "Whether we're trying to reach the branch manager or the bank president for something we need that day, the ability to pick up the phone and immediately contact the person we're looking for is huge."

It's why the clinic has been a Synovus customer — for business checking accountsmortgagesloans, and more — for more than two decades.

"My office staff has asked me not to consider changing banks," he says. "Their work is easier because of Synovus." The clinic uses the bank's remote express deposit system, for example, which allows them to scan paper checks in the office for immediate deposit and eliminates trips to the bank during the busy workday.

Synovus easily accommodated their growing needs too, as the clinic built an expanded office four times bigger than their old space and launched spin-offs like a skin care clinic and surgery center.

Paredes doesn't believe it's his company's size that garners such great service from Synovus.

"I think Synovus treats everyone the same," he says. "Everyone gets the same enthusiastic hello when they walk into the bank."

If your company needs a responsive, accessible bank, don't wait for an emergency. Synovus is ready to help with your day-to-day operations, providing a full suite of business services and a team that's always just a quick call away at 1-888-SYNOVUS (1-888-796-6887).

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