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"We're proud to be a strong partner with Synovus, and we give them a high recommendation."

Hage was most impressed with the time that Synovus team members took to work with his firm to understand their business model — and then match the bank's services to the financial support the charter school firm needed.

"They brought the whole team in," he says, noting that sometimes as many as seven people showed up to lend their expertise. "Synovus spent many hours with our financial team getting into the details of how to best use their capital to be successful in acquiring new property, help us with the school construction schedule, and help us move into a development cycle for opening the school on a timely basis."

The charter school organization has several loans with Synovus to pay down mortgages on some of their commercial properties, he says. Hage appreciates that the bank's leadership also made time for him, demonstrating how much Synovus values his business.

"We're proud to be a strong partner with Synovus, and we give them a high recommendation," Hage says.

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