Real estate developer relies on Synovus to move forward

“When I go into my local Synovus bank, the people there know me and know what I do. They help me take care of my business."

For example, when his company had to make an unexpected infrastructure payment to a local water and sewer department but didn't have the funds on hand due to an economic slowdown, Synovus helped bridge the gap through a development loan.

“The folks at the bank were able to restructure our loan so I could get that commitment taken care of and we could move forward," he said.

Over his many years with Synovus, John said Synovus has helped him solve problems and overcome financial hurdles. Once he was out of state and needed help quickly transferring funds so his employees could get paid, and he called his banker at Synovus for help. “He took care of it for me immediately. I wasn't even there, and Synovus was able to do that while I was out of state," he said.

John relies on Synovus for most of his companies' financial needs, including checking and savings accounts, commercial real estate and construction loans, and short-term lines of credit. He's used several of the investment tools available at Synovus as well, including CDs and money market accounts.

Synovus has invested in John's success. We understand the local business landscape, competition in the marketplace, and wider policy issues. And he's developed relationships with us that give him the confidence to move forward on business projects.

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