Columbus, GA

The National Infantry Museum honors the military and our community

"Our friends at Synovus knew this project was more than just another business deal. They saw the value of this museum as a bridge connecting the good people of Columbus and Fort Benning."

In 2009, the new National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center opened in Columbus, just outside Fort Moore. In its 190,000 square feet are housed original artifacts from all eras of American history, as well as interactive exhibits. The complex also includes combat simulators, a rifle range, an industry-leading laser 3-D theater, a restaurant, and more. Military and civilians are honored for outstanding service with individual pavers on a Heritage Walk and major memorials for the Global War on Terrorism and the Vietnam War.

The center honors the values meant to define the infantryman, as well as the American nation: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

What started years ago as a dream is now a nationally recognized destination, attracting nearly 300,000 visitors a year from across the nation and around the world. It’s at the heart of a community that has shared a kinship with the military for almost a century.

Synovus is proud to have provided financial resources to help the National Infantry Museum become a reality—a living symbol of our longstanding support for the military and our community.

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