Friendly faces make all the difference for this business owner

Larry Odum Americus testimonial
Having bank employees who know Larry Odum isn't just a nicety — it's a necessity when it comes to paying his import bills from halfway around the world.

All three of Larry's companies are based in Americus, but he also does business from Florida to Tennessee and beyond. Having bank employees who know him and his business isn't just a nicety; it's a necessity when it comes to his import needs from halfway around the world. Not everyone can handle immediate calls for international wire transfers of more than $250,000 to China. But that's exactly the kind of international banking service that Larry's business requires when shipments come in.

Larry also keeps an open line of credit with Synovus to cover any hiccups in his supply chain.

"I can place an order to be shipped 90 days from now, and then next month I can place the next one for 90 days," he says. While that would usually mean he'd need to pay for the two different orders in two different months, there's always a chance the overseas manufacturer "might combine those two shipments and ship them at the same time."

When this happens, Larry needs to pay for both shipments immediately, potentially triggering a cash flow issue. Fortunately, that doesn't happen often. But having an open line of credit — and experienced bank employees who can help him tap into his line of credit for an immediate overseas wire transfer — ensures his businesses remain in the black no matter when his containers arrive.

That combination of services his business needs plus the warmth of friendly faces makes Synovus a bank where Larry has been comfortable for more than 30 years.

"I don't go to the bank that often myself these days," Larry says, "but when I do go, I like to have friendly faces I know. It makes a difference." And for him, that difference is Synovus.

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