Hospitality Comes Naturally to Stewbos’ Bo Henry and Stewart Campbell

“Synovus has great local customer service, and people are very accessible.”

Henry has had a bank account with Synovus since he was 13 years old, which has evolved into personal accounts, business accounts, and more. Henry even serves on the local advisory board.

For each new location or additional business, Stewbos sets up a line of credit with Synovus. From there, Market Executive Pam Simmons continually refines the offerings for Stewbos to get Campbell and Henry what they need. Simmons is accessible and, having been with the company as it has continued to grow, is well-versed in Stewbos’ needs.

“Synovus has great local customer service, and people are very accessible,” says Henry. “They’ve worked well with us.”

The pandemic hasn’t slowed Stewbos down at all. The pair is in the process of opening separate taco and pizza restaurants, plus a pizza dough-making business, proving that there will always be a demand for good food with a heavy pinch of Southern hospitality.

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