Synovus Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Building a better tomorrow means working toward change today. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor the learning opportunities that come with inclusion, representation, and conversation. Because when we build diverse communities, we all succeed.

During Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond, we are proud of the Hispanic and Latino heritage represented across our company. From Peruvian to Mexican to Dominican and so many other nationalities comprising this vibrant community, we’re committed to embracing what makes us different.

Join us as we share stories of our team members to recognize their inspired work within the Hispanic and Latino community and how culture reinforces their commitment and career path at Synovus.

Aquí Nos: A Place To Champion Each Other

Synovus is a better company because of our Hispanic and Latino team members. Throughout our company, they provide perspective, insight, and valuable leadership. Much of this gets amplified through Aquí Nos, our Hispanic and Latino employee resource group. Within Aquí Nos, over 13 countries are represented, providing a rich tapestry of culture, and a commitment to outreach within their community. Non-Hispanic and non-Latino team members are also encouraged to join, learn, and engage.

Perspectives: What Hispanic Heritage Month Means to Me

Synovus’ team members are passionate about their Hispanic heritage. Here, they share what it means to them, how they plan to celebrate, and how our Hispanic and Latino employee resource group, Aquí Nos, supports them.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Community Spotlight: South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Liliam Lopez, founder of the SFLHCC, takes the mic to share insights from within the Hispanic and Latino Community in Miami

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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Erika Chambliss

From Colombia to Columbus: Far from home and her Hispanic culture, Colombian-born associate Erika Chambliss understands the importance of community.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Alexander Noda

Beneath Alexander Noda’s name and smiling, professional headshot reads a simple, yet powerful phrase: Hablo Español.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Armando Trabanco

While Hispanic Heritage Month is an exciting time for Armando Trabanco, he isn’t planning on celebrating it in any specific way—because he celebrates his heritage in small ways every day.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Erika Lane

Erika Lane has been with Synovus for 24 years and appreciates that her experience and heritage have always been acknowledged.

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