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AI Supercharges Straight-Through Payments Processing

Dec 10, 2021 (updated Apr 10, 2023) • 7 min


How to Reduce Foreign Exchange Risk and Costs

If you run an international business, you’re familiar with exchange rate risks, complexity, and fees. Multi-currency accounts simplify payments, are cost-effective, and reduce risk.
Article 5 minutes


Five Payment Strategies for Business Growth

Tighter control of payment processes helps businesses reduce fraud, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve company growth.
Article 5 min


Digital Payments: Why They’re Still a Big Deal

You might think there are more pressing business concerns than digitalizing payments. But 20% of companies think it is the “most important” challenge to business operations. Another 28% think it’s “important.” Where do you stand?
Infographic 2 min
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Good for Earth, Growers, Economy

    The sustainable agriculture market will grow to $31.4 billion by 2031. What does this mean for the future of farming?

  • Building an Engineering Company from the Ground Up

    In 1996, newly established Bunnell-Lammons Engineering (BLE) sought a stable banking relationship that could also provide much-needed capital. They chose Synovus ahead of three competitors. Twenty years later, Synovus is still the partner Greenville, South Carolina- based BLE trusts with their banking needs.

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