Everything you expect in a single payments solution

Accelerate Pay eliminates the burden, time, and risk associated with managing multiple payment streams, while maximizing control, accuracy, and automating payment reconciliation.

Superior workflow integration

Embeds seamlessly into your organization's workflow and provides the added convenience of a single point of control regardless of how the payment is settled.

Easily move from paper to electronic

Automates your move from paper checks to electronic payments to get your business out of check writing from day one, upping efficiency and reducing organizational risk without the need for costly, time-consuming Payee enablement.

Immediate time and cost savings

Offers a low-touch payments and account reconcilement experience, eliminating costly, time-draining manual processes that can result in delayed payments and added fees.

Setup in hours, not months

Integrates seamlessly with leading applications (completed in hours vs. months compared to standard integrated payments platforms), enabling immediate ROI with little to no IT resources required.

Unmatched control and security

Protects your organization's bottom line with integrated safeguards, including fraud screening, Payee validation and monitoring for electronic payments, and built-in positive pay protection for check payments.

Introducing Payee choice

Improves the Payee experience with intuitive controls and self-servicing functionality via a convenient Payee portal; choice of preferred payment method; and more.

Let us simplify your payments experience

Uniquely designed with future-proofing in mind, Accelerate Pay enables your organization to easily manage and adapt to the ever-changing payments landscape through a comprehensive, adaptable toolbox.

Watch this video to learn more about how Accelerate Pay can benefit your organization.

Eliminate payment friction between Payers and Payees


  • Seamless ERP integration with a growing list of leading accounting packages
  • One workflow for payment origination and reconcilement
  • Little or no IT resources needed to get started
  • Increased Payee satisfaction for enhanced vendor relationships


  • Payee choice of payment type – multiple no fee payment options
  • Receive from many Payers with one easy Payee registration
  • Payment status and remittance data accessible via convenient Payee portal

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Accelerate Pay

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Our award-winning, end-to-end digital portal provides enhanced capabilities and controls, helping organizations to:

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  • Manage foreign currency exposure
  • Reduce cost and risk with Multi-currency Accounts (MCAs)


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