Synovus May Credit Card Rate Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of purchases or transactions are eligible for the promotional rate?
A: All purchases, you make online or in person where you can swipe or insert your card, or key in your card number. This includes items like airline tickets, electronics, gas or even recurring payments.

Q: What types of purchases or transactions are not included in the promotional rate?
A: Non-purchase transactions that are not eligible for this promotion include:

  • Cash advances
  • Balance transfers
  • Overdraft transactions
  • Fees
  • Interest
  • Adjustments
  • Unauthorized or fraud transactions
  • Money Orders, Travelers Checks, loading of prepaid cards or purchases of foreign currency in some instances will not be included if the merchant processes the transaction as cash.

Q: Is there a limit to the purchases I can make at the special rate?
A: Yes, you can make purchases up to the amount of your available credit limit.

Q: If I have a rewards card, will I earn rewards for these purchases?
A: Yes, you will earn rewards on your purchases as defined in your rewards program rules.

Q: Will Synovus charge me any kind of fee for purchases I make during this promotion?
A: No, we will not charge any fees for your purchases.

Q: How will my payments be applied to my existing and promotional balances during the promotional period?
A: Account balances are made up of a variety of charge balances including cash advances, purchases, promotional balances, balance transfers, convenience checks, fees, finance charges and miscellaneous charges. Payments received are allocated across charge balances according to a defined order. Generally minimum payments are applied to the lowest interest charge balances first, and payments in excess of the minimum payment are applied to the highest interest charge balances first. Unless the only charge balances you have and/or generate during your defined promotional period are at a 0% promotional rate, we will continue to charge interest on your account until your balance is paid in full.

For example, if you have an existing balance of $1,500, including a variety of charge balances, use the enclosed 0% promotional purchase for $500 then you make a $1,500 payment to your account it will not pay off the interest generating charge balances. This is based on how we allocate payments; a portion will be applied to each charge balance leaving part of the existing balance unpaid which will continue to accumulate interest. To avoid incurring a finance charge, you would have to pay $2,000 plus any fees associated with using the promotional purchases.