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10 Must-Have Marketing Materials For A New Business

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Seventy-two percent of customers start their purchase research with a Google search. If you're not online, they don't know you exist.

6. Newsletters

Keep in touch with customers by creating a e-newsletter. Put a sign-up box on your website, then send regular emails that share new products, helpful tips, and valuable information. Landing in an inbox is a good way to remind customers of your business. In fact, 60 percent say they've made a purchase due to an email they received.4


7. Digital downloads

Encourage people to sign up for your mailing list by offering a free digital download. Make sure it's something of value. If you own a fitness studio, for example, share your favorite smoothie recipes. Or an accountant could offer a tax preparation checklist.


8. Postcards

Direct mail postcards are a great way to promote an event or special offer. In fact, 80 percent of Millennials say they pay attention to direct mail.5 Send them to your mailing list or put a stack at your physical location. You can also tuck postcards into bags during checkout or with online orders to promote an upcoming sale or new product release.


9. Signage

From posters to point-of-sale displays, banners, and outdoor ads, signs are a decorative part of your business as well as an important marketing material. Use them to convey the benefits of your business or your product. Less is more with wording; customers need to quickly read and comprehend your message.


10. Testimonials

Another powerful marketing tool is testimonials from other customers. If you sell products, consider enabling product reviews. Or gather feedback from your existing clientele and post it on a page on your website. Customer testimonials generate 62 percent more revenue per site visitor.6


Putting them in play

Each of your marketing tools needs two things: consistency and a call to action. Use your logo, font, and company colors on everything to boost your brand. Then clearly define the next step someone should take, such as visit your website, sign up for your subscriber list, or make a purchase. Marketing materials are like an army of salespeople that never sleep. Make sure you're enlisting several of them to work for you.

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