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Business credit cards for small business
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With some business credit cards, you can earn points on all purchases, which you can redeem for gift cards or even cash back credited to your balance.

Get the right rewards

By selecting a business credit card that offers rewards that fit your primary spending patterns, you can accomplish your budget-controlling and money-saving goals. A credit card that rewards you with extra points for travel-related purchases like airfare, lodging, and car rentals is a good choice for a business whose operations require frequent travel.

For a company with other types of spending needs, a card that provides points on any type of purchase might be a better option. With the right business rewards credit card, you can earn points for all purchases and then redeem the points for things like gift cards or even cash back credited to your balance.

Be sure to compare the system for earning points to the categories of eligible purchases, and examine the expiration rules for business credit card rewards to select the cards that offer the best benefits for your needs.

Aim for lower interest rates

Another important consideration is whether you will be paying the balance on your business credit card in full each month or anticipate carrying a balance. If you expect to use the card to make expensive purchases that you'll need time to pay off, selecting a card with a low annual percentage rate (APR) is paramount.

For example, let's say you're comparing two credit cards: one with a 15% APR and no annual fee, and one with a 10% APR and a $50 annual fee. If you anticipate carrying an average monthly balance of $2,000, you'd pay $300/year in interest with the no-fee card and only $200/year in interest plus a $50 annual fee with the other card. In other words, you'd save money overall with the second option, even with the annual fee.

Some card issuers offer a 0% introductory APR (typically for a limited time) that may enable you to purchase some major items interest-free, even if your cash flow requires you to take a few months to finish paying for them. This can be a great option for newer businesses that are more likely to be strapped for cash.

Balance fees with benefits

All other things being equal, having no annual fee is certainly a desirable feature in a business credit card. But there may be times when a card that charges a fee (perhaps after waiving it for an introductory period) offers perks that make it worth paying.

Rewards that help you earn points and save money where you spend the most — and competitive rates that keep interest payments low when you need to carry a balance — may be more significant than fees when you're comparing cards.

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