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Choosing the Best Social Media for Your Business

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LinkedIn isn't just for job hunters. Nearly 80% of B2B marketers consider the platform an effective lead generation source.


If you have a small business page on Facebook, you're in good company. According to Facebook, there are 80 million small- and medium-sized business pages.2 And it appears they are effective, as a whopping 78% of consumers ages 18 to 34 have discovered a product on the platform.3

Who it's best for: Facebook is a must for any small business, with 2.41 billion active monthly users.4 While some teens are turning elsewhere, Facebook remains the social network of choice among millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers.

Key tips for Facebook success

1. Invite participation. The algorithm is driven by engagement, so it's important to post content that entices consumers to do more than scroll past. Ask questions and post surveys, then share the results.

2. Participate yourself. Make your page a two-way street by actively commenting on any thread you start. Aim for a response to each commenter, even if it's just a “thanks for stopping by."

3. Prioritize video. Facebook's algorithm favors time spent viewing content, so this is also a great place to show a short how-to video or other relevant content.


Facebook's “sister" is on a tear, and marketers are increasingly finding a home here. In fact, nearly three-quarters of companies are currently using the site, up from 66% in 2018.5

Who it's best for: Any company that has a visual element to share — and honestly that could be virtually any company. However, the demographics on this platform tend to skew younger, so prioritize it if your target audience is under 30.

Key tips for Instagram success

1. Quality matters in photos. Make sure your posts stand out for their beauty; cropping and editing to reduce background clutter can make a big difference.

2. Go beyond product shots. Instagram is an ideal platform for showcasing your company's culture, so include employees and behind-the-scenes visuals as appropriate.

3. Utilize Instagram Stories. More and more users are spending their time on Instagram viewing Instagram Stories.The short and digestible nature of this content is a major avenue for businesses to connect with their customers for timely sales, share behind-the-scenes activities, and even live stream.

Overall social media tips

1. Be consistent. Your social media handles and profile photos should be consistent across platforms — ideally, they would incorporate your brand name and logo so you are easily identifiable. However, that doesn't mean your content should be the same. If you do decide to use more than one platform, use the tips above to differentiate your messages.

2. Post regularly. While it can be challenging for any but the most prolific brands to be witty every day (and don't forget, they might have an entire staff devoted to their social media marketing efforts), make an effort to connect with your audience at least once a week.

3. Interact with others. The best way to boost your audience on social media is to be, well, social. Take the time to comment on and share others' posts to keep the dialogue going.

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