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6 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

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A clean, well-lit, and well-organized shopping experience will help you bring in new customers and increase sales to those who come in to browse.


Provide stellar customer care.

For many people, what makes one store better than another is their experience. Customer service is important to brand loyalty for 96% of customers,6 according to a 2017 Microsoft survey. Hiring the right people for your business and training them is important, but the personal touch can make your company stand out even more. Attaching a handwritten note to a mail order or carefully packaging gift items in the store can make your products memorable.


Upgrade your online service.

Your website needs to be customer-friendly, easy to navigate, and updated frequently to keep people coming back. Most important, it must be simple for customers to buy and pay. Offer multiple different ways to pay, from various credit cards to an integrated one-click link for PayPal or Venmo. Be sure to offer shoppers the option of creating a profile to save their shipping and billing addresses, as well as their payment info. This is especially important during the holidays when shoppers are in a hurry, and will ease the friction for repeat customers.


Consider package deals and subscription boxes.

When your customers put an item in their online cart or when they come into your store to buy one product, that can be a good moment to entice them to buy additional gifts. To increase your sales volume, you may want to consider add-on items at a discount, buy-two-get-one-free or even a subscription box. Subscription boxes make an excellent holiday gift, so you may want to create a monthly or quarterly box of products at different price points and promote them in your store and online.

A little creativity and some extra time invested in your online and in-person stores can make this holiday season a successful one for your business that extends into the new year.

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